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Formatting your own types

A full example of adding all of the bells and whistles of ParseableFormatStyle onto your own types, including AttributedString output.

From Strings to Data using ParsableFormatStyle

The other side of the FormatStyle coin, getting our data from strings.

What's new with FormatStyles in iOS 16

Guess documenting FormatStyle is my life now

FormatSyle Deep Dive

Apple failed to document it, so I built a whole site for it: fuckingformatstyle.com

UIFont Fun

In your career, do you have a technical problem that you know you've solved multiple times, but it's infrequent enough that the lessons of how to actually implement never seem to stick around in your brain?

Sending Bearer Auth Tokens in iOS

It turns out that you have to break some rules to set bearer authentication tokens…

Inscrutable Xcode Testing Errors

Just regenerate your pods

Inscrutable Swift/Xcode Errors

Swift isn't fully baked yet

Swift Multipeer Rewrite

Swift and MultipeerNetworking


It was announced