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You can stop writing date format strings like "yyyy-MMM-dd"

Apple gives us a modern replacement for the magical format strings we pass to DateFormatters, let's talk about the Verbatim Format Style.

Over 3,000 Words On What The Measurement Type Is And Why You Should Be Using It

So much power to convert, do math on, and localize the display of your measurement values at your fingertips… yet no one uses it.

Formatting your own types

A full example of adding all of the bells and whistles of ParseableFormatStyle onto your own types, including AttributedString output.

From Strings to Data using ParsableFormatStyle

The other side of the FormatStyle coin, getting our data from strings.

What's new with FormatStyles in iOS 16

Guess documenting FormatStyle is my life now

FormatSyle Deep Dive

Apple failed to document it, so I built a whole site for it: