I’ve been toiling away in the format style mines for the last month off and on as I’ve been fully documenting the new FormatStyle stuff that Apple has been including in the Xcode 14 betas.

Today I’ve finally launched the update!

The changelogs: Fucking FormatStyle or Gosh Darned FormatStyle


  • ByteCountFormatStyle for Int64 values no longer crash when you try and use any unit larger than gigabyte.
  • There’s a special FormatStyle for Measurement<UnitInformationStorage> values that is identical to ByteCountFormatStyle
  • We now have a URL.FormatStyle which also conforms to ParseableFormatStyle, which means we can format and parse URL data now
  • You can now access the Date.VerbatimFormatStyle by using the type method formatted(.verbatim()) on Date values
  • The new Duration type also has full format style support with two new styles
  • The site has quickly grown outside of my original goals of a single page, single serving site. So I’ve broken it up into individual pages for sections.

Thanks everyone for sharing and using the site. I’ve gotten amazing feedback from the community about it.