Hot&Cold UX

I happened to watch the App Prototyping WWDC ‘14 session and was pleasantly surprised that their methods are similar to mine.

Wikipedia Mobile iOS Critique

I’ve used a couple of different iOS Wikipedia readers over the years (most notably Articles and Wikipanion), but I hadn’t spent much time using the official Wikipedia Mobile app.

Swift Multipeer Rewrite

The amount of code that ran the Multipeer Protype was small, so I decided to just rewrite the damn thing in Swift to get a feel for the new language.

Multipeer Swift Rewrite Journal

(This is a companion post to this one) June 9, 2014 14:20: Created a new project in Xcode 6, created a single view application and choosing Swift as my language.

Multipeer Networking and You

The goal of this prototype is to get two devices communicating via multipeer networking. If Apple’s done their job right (Framework development + documentation) it should be easy, right?


I’ve been thinking a lot about matchmaking. An Example of Greatness One of the better implementations of this is in the iOS game Space Team.

Estimote Beacons

With some free time between projects at my previous job, I pre-ordered a set of Estimote Beacons to get some first-hand experience playing with our magical location aware future.

Three Things

As I was finishing up my last few weeks at my previous job I ran across a blog post by Jeff Atwood over on Coding Horror.