Three Things

As I was finishing up my last few weeks at my previous job I ran across a blog post by Jeff Atwood over on Coding Horror.

dbldbl - My First App

I decided to put the source code for my first app onto GitHub. Back in the heady days of 2012 and 2013, I decided that after 8 years of doing front-end development that I wanted to become an iOS developer.

Hot/Cold - Oh Look: A Repo.

I decided this morning that there’s really nothing wrong in posting the source of the app up on GitHub for the time being.

App #1: 'Hot/Cold' App Outline

The first and simplest app idea that’s been rolling around my brain uses iBeacons. I attended a couple of sessions at WWDC 2014 about them and have been really interested in playing around with them ever since.

Where Our Hero Declares Himself

Plans. Let’s make some so that we can all look back and laugh at them. My goal is to keep a bit of a running dev journal for three iOS applications that I’m hoping to build in the near future.